bio-shot_0919smCatrina Briscoe is an artist with multiple areas of interest.

She is a sculptor. Her La Catrinas by Catrina are unique works based on the La Catrina character created by José Guadalupe Posada circa 1910. La Catrina went on to become the main character for El Dia de los Muertos. Catrina’s sculptures have been featured throughout the country in several art shows. Although many of her sculptures are commissioned, she often creates for the love of creating, and sells those pieces direct to her followers. Her sculptures can be seen at www.catrinabriscoe.com.

She is a professional photographer. Catrina has done event photography, food photography, and commercial photography for numerous clients. While this can be lucrative work, it’s just not her passion. ‘I prefer to be behind the glass shooting for myself so that I can discover, demonstrate, and share the beauty of something unexpected.’ Catrina sells framed prints and canvas creations at art shows and direct.

She is a chef and food stylist. After spending years creating food for others Catrina began publishing her magazine The Tasteful Muse. Her recipes include fantastic ideas for creating your own spice mixes and condiments, as well as complete international menus that will delight your guests. Although she no longer publishes the magazine, copies are still available through Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Catrina-Briscoe/e/B01110MDBG.

She is an artist, always appreciating the beauty around her, both in nature and manmade, and always creating. Catrina continues to study all forms of art in an effort to better understand the world and herself.